Experimental and Theoretical Organic Synthesis Group @ Aalto

The Experimental and Theoretical Organic Synthesis (ETOS) group at Aalto University, Finland is led by Assistant Professor Juha Siitonen. We work on leveraging computational and mechanistic insights to develop ultra-short total syntheses, new synthetic methods and useful next-generation software tools.

The ultimate goal of the research is to simplify the synthesis of highly complex polycyclic targets into ideal syntheses ≤5 steps long. In particular, we are interested in the synthesis of rare and structurally unique trace alkaloids. Our work on education focuses on inclusive pedagogy in higher education as well as on the development of engaging STEAM-outreach experiences.

We are carrying forward the long line of tradition in natural product total synthesis at Aalto University. Our rich history includes several landmark feats, such as the first total synthesis of Camphor in 1903 by Prof. Gustaf Komppa and the extensive studies on indole alkaloids carried out by Prof. Mauri Lounasmaa in 1980s.


16.5. – Juha recieved the 2023 Academy Research Fellowship from the Academy of Finland.

3.5. – Congratulations to Sini Irvankoski for securing funding from Emil Aaltonen foundation!