• May 23: Juha gave a talk on natural product total synthesis at the Young Academy Finland academy club event. 🎤
  • May 16: Juha recieved the 2023 Academy Research Fellowship from the Academy of Finland. 💰
  • May 16: Juha visited Åbo Akademi University and University of Turku.
  • May 3: Sini Irvankoski received a 12-month research grant from the Emil Aaltonen foundation. 💰Gongrats Sini and kudos to the Aaltonen foundation for supporting our research.
  • April 25: Juha took part in the Lukema-network cruise and talked about the high-school medicinal chemistry course.
  • April 17: Juha visited the Univeristy of Jyväskylä and gave a talk on natural product total synthesis. 🎤
  • February 23: First group problem seminar.
  • January 4: Collaborative work with Prof. Kürti on transfer hydrogenations is now out in Green Chemistry. 📰


  • December 15: Juha was awarded the School of Chemical Engineering Teaching Act of 2022 award! 🏆
  • December 7: The ETOS group took part in the departmental little X-mas party by organizing an organic chemistry pop quiz.
  • September 2–3: Juha attended the EuChems Young Investigator Workshop in Lisbon, Portugal. 🎤
  • August 23: Group outing in the Korkeasaari zoo and a farewell party for Robin.
  • August 13: The entire group is back from the CH3: Target Oriented Synthesis -course organized by Juha and Toni Metsänen from Orion Pharma as a part of the University of Jyväskylä 22nd Summer School.
  • July 22: Our collaborative work on direct transfer hydrogenation of activated alkenes with the Kürti Group at Rice appears in ChemRxiv, congratulations Sini! 📰
  • June 9: Robin from University of Uppsala joined the group for a summer internship, welcome aboard! Robin will be working on total synthesis of indole alkaloids. 🏠
  • June 8: Our first collaborative paper from Aalto “Aza-Quasi-Favorskii Reaction: Construction of Highly Substituted Aziridines through a Concerted Multibond Rearrangement Process” appears in J. Am. Chem. Soc. 📰
  • June 8: Juha has been elected to the Young Academy Finland operating under the Finnish Academy of Sciences and Letters. 🏆
  • April 8: Juha gave a keynote lecture “Unconventional organocatalysts in synthesis” in the Finnish Young Scientist Forum for Catalysis in Turku. 🎤
  • Feburary 7: Congratulations Sini for winning the University of Jyväskylä MSc thesis award! 🏆
  • Feburary 1: Wajeeha joined the group, welcome! 🏠
  • January 1: The shop is now officially open, welcome our new doctoral candidates Sini and Hanna! Our journey to uncover new organic chemistry starts. 🏠


  • December 15, 19: Juha gave talks at both Pacifichem and Computational Chemistry Days conferences on combining experimental and computational tools in organic organic synthesis. 🎤
  • December 1: Great news! Robin Petersson from Uppsala University, Sweden just secured funding for his research stay in our group for the Summer of 2022.
  • November 15: Our research makes an appearance on the Rice News: “Rice lab first to mimic molecule found in poppies”.
  • October 28: Setigerumine I is accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie! 📰
  • August 15: Our new ETOS group web-page is now online.
  • July 15: Our total synthesis of Setigerumine I is now available on ChemRxiv.
  • June 25: Juha will be joining the faculty of Aalto University Department of Chemistry and Materials Science as an Assistant Professor in Organic Synthetic Chemistry on 1.1.2022.
  • May 17: Anavi’s first day in the lab, welcome aboard! 🏠
  • April 10: Congratulations to Anavi and Sanjay for receiving the 2021 Dr. Zevi & Bertha Salsburg Memorial Fellowships for summer research!